Guidelines for written reports and presentations


Guidelines for written reports and presentations

Beitragvon » Mo 23. Jun 2014, 11:38

How should the first presentations look like?
What's the difference to the final presentations?

Of course the preview presentation is only a third of the expected time of the final presentation, but it might be a bit difficult to segregate the content from the preview and the final presentation content. Is it okay to recap the content in the preview for the final meeting? When otherwise all is explained in the preview not much content will be left for the final presentation.

Us was told that the first meeting is mainly about a rough overview of the topic and questions to discuss if someone has problems with the content - as I could remember. For those students who present on the second time slot if necessary only about three days will be left until the final report has to be submitted, but that wouldn't be a problem for me as long there is no disagreement on the first meeting concerning the content.

What about the written report? Should we mainly refer to the given paper or how much other literature do you expect as a rule of thumb?

Thanks in advance!

Simon Ebner

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