Slide No. 23 => Distance Halving


Slide No. 23 => Distance Halving

Beitragvon pm156 » Do 19. Nov 2015, 17:25

My question is if a target is on right side of a peer(start) then why are we going to left side and vice versa ? If I am not wrong , a peer has two edges i.e right & left. Can't we use of a right edge to find a target which on right side of us ?
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Re: Slide No. 23 => Distance Halving

Beitragvon professor » Mo 7. Dez 2015, 12:12

You should use left and right edges randomly in order to optimize the throughput. Be careful to use them in the same (reverse) order when you approach the target using the invers left and right edges.
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