Exercise 5


Exercise 5

Beitragvon Thomas Janson » Do 1. Dez 2011, 15:40

Here is a solution for exercise 5 task 3:
We might have used the wrong definition in the tutorial on monday.

regards, Thomas
Thomas Janson
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Re: Exercise 5

Beitragvon Woret » Fr 9. Mär 2012, 16:08

Thank you for that proper solution!
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Re: Exercise 5

Beitragvon Gast » Sa 10. Mär 2012, 11:55

From the comment I got from the tutor I think this solution is still not the perfect one. (He took points from me for calculating c like that.)

Re: Exercise 5

Beitragvon Gast » Sa 10. Mär 2012, 16:15

I had a look at the comment and there it was said that c is a probability (so it has to be between 0 and 1).
Could it be possible to post the right calculation of c?

Re: Exercise 5

Beitragvon Christian Ortolf » Mo 12. Mär 2012, 08:24

You could contact me directly if you think there is a mistake with a comment.
Anonymously over the forum benefits noone... as I can not even lookup what comment I might have written.

and c is no probability!
Christian Ortolf
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