3nuts/TooFree Meeting (25.11.2006)

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Meeting in Paderborn

On saturday, november 25th, there was a meeting of the participants in the two projects. It took place in the Heinz Nixdorf Institut (HNI) from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Invited Participants

  • Freiburg:
    • Christian Schindelhauer
    • Christian Ortolf
    • Arne Vater
  • Paderborn
    • Peter Mahlmann
    • Thomas Janson
    • Nicolas Heine


  • Get to know each other.
  • Find and agree on project names.
  • Get a common overview on the projects' current state.
  • Make up the goals and a timeline for the next project phase.
  • Discussion on possible functionalities and features.


  • Greeting of the participants
  • Overview on the 3-Nuts network
    • Demonstration of the 3-Nuts simulator.
    • Some details of different parameters used in 3-Nuts explained shortly.
    • Port problems: Parallel downloads in TooFree requires different and arbitrary socket pairs.
  • Distributed search trees in 3-Nuts
    • recursive assignment of peers to the semantic search categories! (Janson)
    • distributed heterogenous hash tables (Schindelhauer)
      • logarithmic, with double hashing
    • peers are forced ("shanghaied") to take responsability unless a peer volunteers to do so
      • determinded by hashing
    • Demonstration of the category tree simulation
      • current problem: stabilization of the tree
  • Network coding
    • Galois-Felder
  • TooFree
    • Pair coding
    • Prototype demonstration
  • Integration of 3-Nuts (search) and TooFree
    • possible bachelor thesis
  • Discussion


  • The Paderborn CVS repository will be moved to a Freiburg SVN repository after december, 15th.
  • Additionally to the Wiki, there is also a forum for members at [1].


  • Deliverable to deliver until december, 15th, by Mahlmann, Janson, Schindelhauer
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