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TooFree Working Group Meetings



  • Predecessor Nippy-Net (Bachelor Thesis)


TooFree is a fileshareing application build on top of the 3-nuts p2p network. Instead of simply transmitting a file unencoded via tcp, TooFree divides a file in blocks and then transmits linear combinations of 2 Blocks to another peer.

So while doing a bit of networkcoding the chance of having a remaining copy of the file, after all seeds leave, is greatly enhanced. Also packet distribution in inhomogene networks may profit from this encoding.

Finally because we only "flat" networkencoding is used, there is a lot less ressource usage compared to full networkcoding.


Forum (internal only)


  • none yet


(alpha and beta versions ) current: 19.01.2007 v2

  • Linux/gtk2 [1] Mirrored at Uni Freiburg [2]
  • Mac OS X Power PC [3]
    • Power PC version mirrored [4]
    • Max OS Intel version mirrored [5]
  • Windows [6] Version mirrored at Uni Freiburg [7]

be aware that no backwards compatibility is guaranteed in test versions

(stable versions)

  • none yet


starting TooFree an os specific starter should be in every package if the starter doesn't start on *nix or craches check the userrights of the file

in all cases a Java 1.5 compatible runtime enviroment is needed.

for special start-options consult TooFree advanced start options

for developers Protocol documentation

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