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Arguments for starting

  • filename - the path of a TooFree token
    • must allways be first argument!
    • ex someSong.mp4.TooFree
  • --times=# - for testing purposes starts multiple instances of the client
    • ex. --times=8 to start 8 clients
    • clients started this way will use settings from last start, modified by startarguments
    • any changes to the settings during runtime will be applied (if applicable), but not stored if this option is set

  • --attrib:attribute_name=attribute_value - sets an attribute to the given value
    • ex. --attrib:downloads=5
    • see part below for possible attributes

Possible attributes

  • downloads // nr of downloads per file

  • uploads // nr of uploads per file

  • localRandomGraphPort //udp port

  • applicationPort //tcp port

  • uploadlimit //kb per second total

  • downloadlimit //kb per second total

  • exitAfterDonePlusX // nr of packages since finishing (-1 = disabled)
    • shuts the client down if the client is completed and has x packets downloaded in total

  • stopUploadAfter // nr of packages (-1 = disabled)
    • automatically presses the "pause" button after x packages were uploaded

  • exitAfterFinishedAndUploadedX // nr of packages since start (-1= disabled)
    • shuts the client down if the client is completed and has x packets uploaded at least in total

  • restart // true if a new instance of the client should be started on exit
    • restart client with same settings on Exit

  • forceNoEncoding // if true no Networkencoding is used on download
    • the client will still upload encoded blocks if the requesting client has this option disabled

  • titForTatPackets // nr of packets difference (upload-download) a client will allow between himself and another client
    • when a client has finished his download this option will be ignored

be aware that attributes are case-sensitive!


  • starting 5 clients under Windows , that restart after they finished their download , with a downloadlimit of 5kb/s and an uploadlimit of 1kb/s (the clients will start with downloading the file specified by c:\tmp\funnyFile.avi.TooFree)

java -jar TooFree_win.jar c:\tmp\funnyFile.avi.TooFree --attrib:uploadlimit=1 --attrib:downloadlimit=5 --times=5 --attrib:restart=true --attrib:exitAfterDonePlusX=0

  • starting 10 clients with standard settings on a file in the root directory under Mac OS

java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar TooFree_mac.jar /Club_Spanky-God_Bless_This_Harem.mp3.TooFree --times=10

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