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3nuts ['frE 'n\&ts] is a peer-to-peer network combining the benefits of reliable random graphs and semantic search trees. The goal of 3nuts is to overcome the restricted query languages induced by the use of distributed hash tables. In most of the currently used peer-to-peer networks these distributed hash tables do not support the efficient exploration of the semantic neighborhood of a data entry. In 3nuts, semantic relationships of data are preserved, because peers are assigned to the data and not vice versa.

3nuts allows non-trivial lookups, like prefix search for example. All network operations in 3nuts are local and distributed, i.e. simple handshake operations maintain the network structure. Besides this, 3nuts provides fair load balancing, fast data access and guaranteed robustness, proved by rigorous analysis.




  • DELIS: Dynamically Evolving Large-scale Information Systems. DELIS is an Integrated European Project founded by the "Complex Systems" Proactive Initiative within the Sixth Framework Programm.
    • Sub-project 6: Data Management, Search, and Mining on Internet-scale Dynamically Evolving Peer-to-Peer Networks
    • Work package 6.2, Self-organizing Semantic Overlay Networks


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A Java based implementation of 3nuts is available:

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