• Smart Team, SPP 1183 Organic Computing
  • DELIS: Dynamically Evolving Large-scale Information Systems
  • Sensor Networks in a super market
  • COST action 295, DYNAMO, Dynamic Communication Networks

Software in Development

  • TooFree
    • A new peer-to-peer network for fast download and high data availability based on the peer-to-peer overlay 3nuts.
  • 3-Nuts
    • A peer-to-peer network combining the benefits of random graphs and search trees.
    • funded by DELIS: Dynamically Evolving Large-scale Information Systems. DELIS is an Integrated European Project founded by the "Complex Systems" Proactive Initiative within the Sixth Framework Programm.
  • Insane (integrated storage area network extension)
    • A storage (file) area network, using RW-codes for data redundancy and high accessibility.
  • 3MANET
    • A scalable mobile ad hoc network using DHHT (WCH) and Landmark Routing (LanMar).
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