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  1. Lecture (lecturnity, flash): 24.10.2006: Organisation, Literature, Motivation
  2. Lecture (lecturnity, flash): 31.10.2006: WSN versus MANET
  3. Lecture (lecturnity, flash): 31.10.2006: Basics of computer networks, single node architecture
  4. Lecture (lecturnity, flash):  07.11.2006: Radio communication, physical layer of computer networks
  5. Lecture (lecturnity, flash): 08.11.2006: Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum, Code Division Multiple Access, Transceiver Design
  6. Lecture (lecturnity):  14.11.2006: Transceiver characteristics, energy supply, runtime environment
  7. Lecture  (lecturnity, flash): 15.11.2006: Medium Access Layer (MAC), Aloha, MACA, hidden terminal problem, exposed terminal problem
  8. Lecture  (lecturnity, flash): 21.11.2006: Medium Access Layer (MAC), CSMA, MACA, RTS, CTS, STEM, S-MAC, T-MAC, Mediation Device, Preamble Sampling
  9. Lecture  (lecturnity, flash): 22.11.2006: B-MAC, PAMAS, LEACH,
  10. Lecture  (lecturnity, flash): 28.11.2006: IEEE 802.15.4, SMACS, TRAMA
  11. Lecture  (lecturnity, flash): 29.11.2006: Bluetooth and WSN
  12. Lecture (lecturnity), 05.12.2006: Time synchronization in WSN, motivation and principles
  13. Lecture (lecturnity), 05.12.2006: Time synchronization: LTS pairwise
  14. Lecture (lecturnity), 12.12.2006: Time synchronization: LTS network, HRTS, TSync
  15. Lecture (lecturnity), 13.12.2006: Time synchronization: RBS
  16. Lecture (lecturnity, flash), 19.12.2006: Localization and Positioning: Introduction and Trilateration
  17. Lecture (lecturnity, flash), 09.01.2007: Localization and Position: The Error Case, Hop Counting, Bayes' Theorem, Localization using Bayes' Theorem
  18. Lecture (lecturnity), 10.01.2007: Topology control, spanner graphs, weak spanner graphs, power spanner
  19. Lecture (lecturnity), 16.01.2007: Topology control: (weak/power) spanner graphs, Delaunay graph, Gabriel graph, Yao graph
  20. Lecture (lecturnity, flash), 17.01.2007: Topology control:Yao graph family
  21. Lecture (lecturnity, flash), 23.01.2007: Topology Control:Gabriel graph, Minimum  Spanning Trees
  22. Lecture (lecturnity, flash), 24.01.2007: Topology Control: Magic Numbers, Dominating Sets
  23. Lecture (lecturnity)  30.01.2007: Dominating Sets, Clustering, ID-Routing, Dijkstra, Bellman-Ford, Distance-Vector, Link-State, OLSR, AODV, TORA
  24. Lecture (lecturnity, flash), 06.02..2007: Energy efficient unicasting, position based routing, geographic routing (GEM,GeRaF,LBM, TBF), Data centric and content-based networking: Interaction patterns and programming models, publish/subscribe-systems
  25. Lecture (lecturnity, flash), 07.02.2007: Data centric and content-based networking: SPIN, directed diffusion, data aggregation
  26. Lecture (lecturnity, flash), 13.02.2007: Geohashing, Naming and Indexing, Transport Protocols
  27. and last lecture (lecturnity, flash), 14.02.2007: Bachelor and Master Theses