This course focuses on embedded systems programming. We will be using small Wireless Sensor motes for developing many interesting projects. The main focus of this course will be to improve and extend our JVM, called TakaTuka. TakaTuka is designed for small mote and written using C and Java.
In the beginning of course, students will be familiarized with embedded systems programming using C and NesC. Furthermore, we will also study the design of TakaTuka and acquire any other necessary skills. Subsequently, students will be assigned different small projects aiming at improving TakaTuka. Note that the only prerequisite of this course is good programming skills in either Java or C. You will learn rest of the things, required for completing assigned projects, during the course. 


  • Good Programming Skills
  • C or Java (preferably both)
  • Note: No knowledge of embedded system programming or networking is required.


  • First month: Paper reading and labs about embedded programming
  • From second month: Individual and group projects
  • ECTS: 6