This page list some of the projects available for this course. In case a project can be extended to be a Bachelor-thesis then it is mentioned against that project name. For such project a portion of work could be completed during this course and rest during the Bachelor-thesis.
  • TinyOS drivers' interfaces for TakaTuka
  • Convert TAK file to Class files
  • Improve TakaTuka Java threads (extendable to a Bachelor thesis)
  • Convert TakaTuka Makefiles to Apache Ant files
  • Explore Java to C convertion utilitiy used by Squawk (extendable to a Bachelor thesis)
  • Class files loading with deadcode removal (extendable to a Bachelor thesis)
  • Improve current Garbage Collection algorithm of TakaTuka (extendable to a Bachelor thesis)
  • Improve and redesign TakaTuka JVM Interpreter (extendable to a Bachelor thesis)
More projects might be added later on.