1. Exercise (pdf): Frequency assignment, ISO/OSI layers of W-LAN ad hoc network extension [solution]
  2. Exercise (pdf): Topology control and modulation [solution]
  3. Exercise (pdf): Min-Cut Max-Flow problem, Random placement model [solution]
  4. Exercise (pdf): Exposed terminal problem, power-aware MAC protocol [solution]
  5. Exercise (pdf): Gabriel graph, Topology control [solution]
  6. Exercise (pdf): Spanner, Weak spanner, Power spanner [solution]
  7. Exercise (pdf): Network coding [solution]
  8. Exercise (pdf): Distance vector, location aware routing [solution]
  9. Exercise (pdf): AODV,  Partial link reversal [solution]
  10. Exercise (pdf): DSDV, Mobility models [solution]
  11. Exercise (pdf): Random waypoint mobility model
  12. Exercise (pdf): Mobility model [solution]
The exercise sheets will be published on Friday on the week before the exercise class(es). The students have to prepare the solution and present them in the class.