Lecture slides will appear here after each lecture. The slides are organized in chapters which might span one or more lectures and are updated afterwards.

  1. Introduction
    Basic elements of a protocol, two example protocols and their design flaws

  2. Design Principles
    Design aspects, Internet design principles

  3. The Design Process
    Development process models, Requirements engineering

  4. Protocol Specification
    Part I: Finite State Machines, UML state machines, UML sequence diagrams
    Part II: Extended FSM models, SDL state charts, MSCs and LSCs
    Part III: Data/message format specification in ABNF, CSN.1, and ASN.1

  5. Validation
    Part I: Validation Models in Promela
    Part II: Model checking with SPIN, Correctness Claims
    Part III: Specifying Correctness in Temporal Logic
  6. Design and Implementation Techniques
    Ressource Constraints and Design Techniques,
    Protocol Building Blocks, State Machine Implementation
  7. Simulation
    Part I: Simulation Models, Arrival Processes Part II: Network simulation, OMNeT
  8. Analytical Evaluation
    Case studies of ALOHA, TCP
    (updated 19.07.09)